Chartsky’s LIVE! Trading Room

Chartsky’s LIVE! Trading Room

Now Well Into Our 10th Day Trading Year!

Join us in my LIVE! Trading Room where we day trade some of the most volatile and potentially profitable futures markets, including: Crude Oil, Gold (when there’s enough interest), the E-Mini S&P (ES), the E-Mini NASDAQ (NQ), the EuroFX — and the E-Mini Russell (RTY).

And . . . YES!  I’m still here and still calling trades in real-time, as they set-up and develop, every morning in the LIVE! Trading Room!  If you see this page, I’m still calling trades in the LIVE! Trading Room . . . I just don’t post videos or send spammy e-mails whenever we enjoy a good day like most others (and that’s explained on the FAQ page).

In fact, here are just a few days from a fantastic month of June and an equally great July (so far) in my LIVE! Trading Room:

As far as what I do:  It has remained consistently the same for years — I call ALL trades in advance.  You can see the entry, the protective stops and the profit targets on the screen just in case you didn’t understand.

We shoot for a $300-$400 per position Daily Profit Target and then stop to enjoy the rest of our day.

I firmly believe that trading is a LIFESTYLE choice and you should enjoy the result of your efforts and reward yourself.

I think it’s perfect for those who want or need a second income to make ends meet in these difficult times; or those who want a new career entirely.

I also think it’s perfect for those who want to pass a Combine — a performance evaluation — before being allowed to manage an account for one of the companies offering that short-cut.

Finally, I think it’s perfect for those who want or need to build-up their savings for college tuition or retirement; or need to recover from unexpected financial hits (or from damage to your Retirement Account done by the Hedge Funds in 2018, 2017, 2016 or 2015).

But if you want to spend 6-8 hours (or more) staring at a computer screen, you might want to go work for some corporation or maybe try starting your own small business.  If you already work for someone else or imagine what it would be like to live the lifestyle of a successful professional day trader, read on because . . .

2017 Was Challenging But Tough.

2018 Was Challenging But GOOD!



And If YOUR 2019 Trading Hasn’t Been What You Had  Hoped It Would Be — You Can Join Us!

Maybe . . .

You can read on the News page how 2018 was really good to us again (knock on wood!) as a result of the same increased volatility that killed many Hedge Funds and many other traders.

We took advantage of that volatility in 2018 and it has continued into 2019.  Some experts are predicting even MORE volatility ahead . . . so how can YOU take advantage of that?  Well . . .

In case you haven’t already heard . . . my LIVE! Trading Room is different than every other Trading Room I know of.

It’s set-up so I can call out real live, actual trades as they happen!

It’s set up so you can see the trades before they’ve been entered and as they are managed!

It’s set-up so you can hear me discuss market structure, price action and order flow (my “recipe” for profitable trading) as it develops!

It’s set-up so you can see strong levels of support and resistance (which I call S-R Levels and Stealth S-R Zones) — which are good for at least the rest of the day . . . and often for several days!

It’s set-up so you can see with your own eyes that trading can be profitable!

If you’ve watched any of the nearly 100 videos on my YouTube Channel, you know what I mean.  If you haven’t, I urge you to watch at least one because they contain live trades — ALL called in advance — and managed right on the screen where you can see them . . . and could have traded right along with us.


Most Recent YouTube Videos:

June 18, 2019 — Just “Trade The Plan:”

July 4th — Quick 3-Day Recap:


YouTube Videos coming soon:

June 12, 2019:

(A rewarding Add-On Day — even with early technical “difficulty”)

June 10, 2019:

(FULL Daily Profit Target — in less than 15-minutes)

July 1, 2019:

(Another GREAT Add-On Day — Switching To Plan B)

July 2, 2019:

(The FULL Daily Profit Target . . . TWICE!)

July 3, 2019:

(FULL Daily Profit Target — Going Into the July 4th Holiday)

July 12, 2019:

(Stock Indexes Were Dead So We Turned To Crude Oil)

How does my LIVE! Trading Room compare to others you might have seen (or maybe even tried)?

First, I always clearly call out our entry, our stop, and our profit target for each and every trade  — in advance!

Not like so many that tell you they’re already “in” after-the-fact . . .

Or are “taking profits now” when you didn’t even know to enter . . .

Or those who give “consider buying ES” calls that can’t be traded . . .

Or those who suddenly “punch out” near an entry in a trade that turns bad . . .

Or those who give free trials but use special indicators you have to buy . . .

Or those who use special code (Like, “Here’s a B2B coming up.”) . . .

Or those who use “students” to call trades for their own “practice!”

I hope none of that sounds familiar, but it might.

Since I don’t advertise, at all, I’m usually not the first Trading Room folks try . . . and I’ll bet you didn’t find me first either, right?  But I believe all things happen for a reason and you found me for a reason!  I’m often told about other popular Trading Rooms when a new Members join.  I’ve been told about every single example above and heard (more than once) one of the most popular — one closely associated with a funded trader program — talks so fast and uses such confusing language, it’s hard to know when (or why) they enter a trade until it’s already done and you may never have gotten that entry price.  You see stops, but they’re often moved — that’s right, stops are extended to avoid being hit — then sometimes the trades just disappear off the screen.  That’s what I’ve been told so please don’t misunderstand:  I’m not accusing that Trading Room of anything except being different than mine.  VERY different.

With that said, if moving their stops works for that Room, then fine.  I just think it’s a VERY bad habit — and I try to teach only good habits since most folks that join us in the LIVE! Trading Room are either new or struggling traders.

And with that said, if a Trading Room’s fast talk of “market maker levels” and “daily supply zones” and “point of control” and “settlement” and “fair value zones,” etc. helps them understand price and trade well, then fine again.  I’d love to see everybody making money — although that’s not realistic.  I think most new or struggling traders just need to know where to get in, where to place their stop and how to manage a trade.  You can teach all of the rest (and much, much more) — and I do — to one-on-one students.

But if you’ve seen anything like any of this, it’s enough to know that I bend over backwards to be different!  I try to be totally transparent!

I believe in simplicity and so we start the day with a Top-Down Analysis and develop a Pre-Market Game Plan . . . then I call out the entry, a protective stop and profit target levels only.  You see 4-5 simple, naked price charts — just like the charts in the videos shown above (one for each market we trade) — all the same size and easy to read — not 6-7-8 different-sized confusing windows crushed together (or being moved around).

Like I said, I believe in transparency, and so we mark-up all the winning trades, all the losing trades, and all the break-even trades.   ALL of them!   Right there on the charts.  Right when they happen.

We also add significant support-resistance levels sometimes (my S-R Levels referenced above) and, when appropriate, my Line In The Sand.   Those are good for at least the rest of that day . . . in case you want to keep practicing.  By the way, the S-R Levels, the Stealth S-R Zones, The Line In The Sand (and more) are not placed according to what is widely accepted or taught or discussed in any of the popular “blind leading the blind” message boards or forums.  Mine are usually good to-the-tick and folks are often amazed at their uncanny accuracy!

And not to beat a dead horse, but every single entry, stop and profit target for every trade in my LIVE! Trading Room is called out in advance . . . and usually repeated.

How else am I different?

We NEVER extend stops!

That’s right.  Never.  If they’re placed properly, there’s no need to!  And ours are what I call catastrophic stops — stops that are designed not to be hit unless something unexpected happens . . . like a price spike.  We usually can get out of a trade that doesn’t work at break-even, or with a small loss.  In fact, I try very hard to keep any losses so small that  multiple losses can be recovered with a single profitable trade!   Now we do go to break-even as soon as price tells me that’s best.  We do lock-in profits with a trailing stop on occasion — but not usually — and never so we can “get something, get anything” from a trade.  However, extending a stop just to avoid a loss?  Not us!  [Update:  With the increased volatility and relatively tight (40-tick) NASDAQ stops, we usually take a full loss on bad trades — but I make-up for that with increased Risk:Reward — so a single winning trade can make-up for more than one losing trade.].

We may tighten-up profit targets . . .

Now, as opposed to the unprofitable mentality of “let’s get something, get anything” from a trade, if I see price doesn’t want to go to the full initial Profit Target, because there are times when the market just won’t go, say, 40-50-ticks in the NASDAQ but will give 30-ticks — or it won’t go 5-points in ES but will go 3-points — or won’t go 25-ticks in Crude Oil but it will give you 20-ticks or 15-ticks or just 10-ticks — if there is a good structural reason, we will take less than the full initial Profit Target.  Why be stubborn over a few ticks?  [Update:  Again ,due to increased volatility, rather than decrease Profit Targets I’m more inclined to extend them.  We often look for 80-90-100 ticks, or more, in the NASDAQ and start at 5-Points in ES.].

And we sometimes use what I call Add-On Trades.

These are trades with a second available entry — either above or below the initial entry — depending on price action.  But you don’t have to take the add-on and I manage these trades from the initial position in case someone isn’t yet comfortable (or doesn’t have the account size needed yet).  I am also happy to speak with Members and suggest different ways to trade Add-Ons, including a more conservative approach.  [Update:  These are increasingly frequent now with increased volatility.  However, you can trade them much more conservatively — as I’m happy to explain to new Members when they consider their Written Trading Plan.].

Just trade your Written Trading Plan.

What Written Trading Plan?  YOURS!  I offer to help every single new Member — and older Members if they want to change things — develop their own written Trading Plan.  We do this after at least a few days of watching only and before you take your first live trade.  I do NOT suggest trading any particular number of contracts or positions for any specific account size, but I do help you decide if you want to take only the most conservative trades, regular daily trades, more aggressive trades, add-on trades, or any combination.  We spend as much time on this as necessary until you’re comfortable and I strongly support you sticking to the Plan . . . until you change or update it.

So . . . how long do we trade?

The LIVE! Trading Room is open from 9:15 a.m. (EST) — beginning with an overview of the current state of our markets including overnight, the European Session and long-term price movement — what I call our Top-Down Analysis — where we establish that daily Pre-Market Game Plan — then moving into the U.S. Session and continuing until we reach our Daily Profit Target of $300-$400 per position, sometimes more.  Then we stop trading and enjoy the rest of our day!  We stop at about 11:30 a.m. regardless.

Not bad for a part-time “job” is it?

But sometimes we’ve had to come back for an Afternoon Session which can last into 3:00 p.m. (EST) . . . sometimes we trade Morning and Afternoon and still can’t hit the Daily Profit Target (while sometimes we have Daily Profit Target PLUS days and Add-On Days which exceed, or greatly exceed, the Daily Profit Target) . . . and sometimes we’ll still have losing days.

Note:  I try to save the Pre-Market, the Lunchtime Scalping Sessions and the Afternoons for One-On-One students.

Regardless, it’s very important that you’re ready on time.  You don’t want to come in late only to find we’re packing up and going home with their full Daily Profit Target!


OK . . . what does this cost?

Well, not (yet) the $500 a month one room charges . . . and not the $400 a month another highly-marketed room charges.

In fact, many Trading Rooms I’ve heard about don’t let you sign-up for simply a monthly subscription — with no strings, no long-term commitment (unless you want one) and no “special” indicators or templates to buy or “lease.”

And, to be fair, with the results we’ve enjoyed, I might not keep doing it much longer like this either.

But I’m still offering subscriptions to our Trading Room — on a limited basis — for only $299.00 a month.  That’s under $10.00 a day!  One single CL tick!  LESS than one single ES tick!  You probably already spend that much on your lunch.  Lock your price in now and never worry about an increase — and never worry about not having a spot!

Why a limited number of Members?  Is this just a marketing gimmick like you’ve probably seen?  No!  I’ve been doing this now for 10-years.  It’s because we can throw whatever volume we want at the S&P and the EuroFX  — and to a lesser extent Crude Oil — but too many trying to use the same price in Gold (and especially the NASDAQ and Russell) could cause partial fills on limit orders and slippage on stops.  As soon as our fills start getting affected, the Room will be closed to new Members.

And One-On-One students receive lifetime access to the LIVE! Trading Room.

So, after the last spots are gone, I’ll put your name on a waiting list.

But here’s a WARNING:  My LIVE! Trading Room isn’t for everyone.  If you lack discipline to wait on the best, most high-percentage set-ups; or if you lack the patience required sometimes to wait for price to hit our Profit Target; or if you are down to your last $1,000.00 and need to cherry-pick trades to avoid that final loser which will take you out of the business; then you’ll probably want to go elsewhere.  Also, if you’re unrealistic about trading for a living:  If you think you can make $20,000 a month from a $2,000 Account — or think a “good” trader never has losses, or never has losing days — or think you can come whenever you choose and money will just magically pour out of your computer — maybe we’re not a good fit.  But if you want high-percentage profitable trades, if you want steady account growth or steady monthly income and if you want a chance to maybe learn One-On-One how to trade for a living from anywhere in the world with broadband Internet . . . we’ll be happy to have you join us!

I strongly encourage you to join us in the LIVE! Trading Room as a first step and then pursue One-On-One training if it’s still available.  Unlike others, I don’t take just anyone who wants to pay for One-On-One training.  But I discuss that more in the FAQs.

What about free trials?

I don’t do those any more, except by special arrangement.  They were a big hassle and regardless of what we did live that day for everyone to see, most just wanted more free trail days.  Besides, I post videos that you can watch over-and-over where I call and manage trades live and you can have what amounts to a free trial that way and at your leisure.  But if you’re into free trials you can have them every day for months at dozens of other places — and still be no closer to being profitable.  We’re here for serious traders that want to enjoy real, tangible success.  Besides, instead of trials, for the last couple of years, I’ve given Subscribers a guarantee.

What about your guarantee?

It’s simple:  If I don’t call trades worth at least your subscription cost  DOUBLE your subscription cost, your next month is on me!


And remember, a percentage of every subscription goes to the ChildFund International.


  P.S. — Here’s a list of most countries which have been represented in the LIVE! Trading Room over the years since I first started:


Last Updated:  June 20, 2019