What do I get when I become a Member?

You will get full and uncensored access to the LIVE! Trading Room.  Ask as many questions as you like until you can understand the entries and follow the trades as they happen.

  • See the actual entries, stops and profit targets on your screen and listen as trades are announced in advance and managed live.
  • See the actual S-R Levels (strong support and resistance) I’ve clearly marked on the charts.  Levels that are good for the entire day — even after we’re finished.  Often longer than that.  This alone is worth the cost of your subscription.
  • See Stealth S-R Zones (hidden support and resistance zones) when I also mark them on the charts.  They are also good for the rest of that Session, usually the rest of the day, and often for longer than that.
  • Participate on twice-monthly webinars that discuss recent price action, the state of the markets, swing trades and whatever else we want to discuss.
  • And on your renewal dates, you receive free mechanical systems that could be sold for much more than the cost of the monthly subscription alone!

Sadly, with High frequency Trading Computers dominating all liquid markets these days, most traders will never be consistently profitable on their own.  The Big Money have algorithms and super-computers and you need every edge you can get to be profitable in the long run.  Having a mentor who actually trades will help you achieve that.  But if you’re not ready for a mentor, then looking over an experienced trader’s shoulder as he trades is the next best thing.


When does the LIVE! Trading Room open?

The LIVE! Trading Room is open from 9:15 a.m. (EST) — beginning with an overview of the current state of our markets including overnight, the European Session and long-term price movement — what I call our Top-Down Daily Review — then moving into the U.S. Session and continuing until we reach our Daily Profit Target of $300-$400 per position, sometimes more.  Then we stop trading and enjoy the rest of our day!  We stop at 11:30 a.m. regardless.  Sometimes we scalp during lunch (very rarely).  Sometimes we trade during an Afternoon Session beginning at 1:30 p.m. (EST).  And we have special sessions for current one-on-one students at least two afternoons each week.  We may return to an earlier start if there’s enough interest in a separate Pre-Market Session (focusing more on Gold and Currencies) and we may trade a European Session — again, if there’s enough interest for that session alone.  We do not trade on Non-Farm Payroll Report Days.  I do N.F.P. for One-On-One students and by special arrangement.  We do not trade on any day that is an “early close” day . . . and we do not trade the day before a long Holiday Weekend.  Sometimes, if we have enjoyed a nicely profitable week, through Thursday, we will reward ourselves and take that Friday off.  Life is too short to try squeezing every last drop of profits from these markets . . . and like I say, trading is a LIFESTYLE that you should enjoy and reward yourself with!  But we DO trade all Summer — into August — when others say there is no volume and you can’t make money.  And we DO trade into December — often right up to New Year’s Eve depending on volatility.  So, unless it’s the weekend, we’re probably trading tomorrow.  Why not join us?

What markets do you trade?

I have personally traded almost every futures market there is:  Crude Oil, the currencies (EuroFX, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, British Pound, Swiss Franc and Japanese Yen), Gold, the E-Mini S&P, E-Mini Russell, E-Mini Dow, E-mini NASDAQ and FDAX.  I have swing traded the meats (Live Cattle, Feeder Cattle and Hogs) and the grains (Wheat, Corn, Soybeans, Soybean Meal and Soybean Oil) as well as Gasoline.   But, since I can’t effectively watch so many charts, I usually have Crude Oil and the E-Mini S&P (ES) up — and then the EuroFX and Gold as companion markets when we’re trading them (like now).  I am willing to watch any other markets suggested — as long as that market is liquid — and if there is enough interest.

Will I get your same entries, stops and profit targets?

Absolutely!  In advance.  I don’t believe in the type of approach that says, “Consider buying ES,” or “I’m long Crude Oil . . .  Now I’m taking profits,” after-the-fact.  How can you use that?!  I don’t use “guests” or “students” either . . .  Instead, I call out my exact entry level, my stop, and my profit target and they are printed from my own LIVE! Ninja DOM as the orders are entered — which you can plainly see.

What kinds of orders do you use?

I usually use Limit Orders — for most entries (unless I clearly say otherwise) and all Profit Targets.  I also use Stop-Limit Orders for my Protective Stops.  I sometimes do move what began as a Protective Stop up or down thereby turning it into a Trailing Stop, so be aware of that difference.  I strongly suggest that you determine whether your order-entry platform uses only Stop market or Stop Limit Orders.  Stop market orders usually get 1-tick more slippage.

What is your general approach to trading?

First, risk management, both before a trade and after Entry.  In fact, that’s my #1 Rule!  I usually trade retracements in the direction of the prevailing trend (as I see it on the chart I’m looking at) but sometimes will take a counter-trend trade to catch the retracement or a trade on a break-out.  I use market structure and price action — pivots, support and resistance — both dynamic and static — Fibonacci levels and price patterns as well as applying Market Profile on occasion to specific markets . . . I also use my own S-R Levels — well, especially my own S-R Levels.  [Update: Given the increasing presence of High Frequency Trading (HFT) computers, traders are faced with more and more “noise” in electronic markets.  As a result, I don’t micro-scalp (10-ticks or less) nearly as much and try to take slightly bigger trades that help us get above and beyond as much of the noise as possible.  I still teach micro-scalping to my one-on-one students as it can be a great way to make money fast.]

How long do you trade each day?

I trade until the Daily Profit Target, per position, has been reached or until 11:30 a.m. — whichever comes first.  When we trade an Afternoon Session, it begins at 1:30 p.m. (EST).  When I trade the Overnight/European Session, those hours are different on an individual basis.

What is the Daily Profit Target?

$300-$400 per position.  If you trade 2 positions it would be $600 to $800.  If 3 positions then $900 to $1,200, and so on.  But if the markets, or any of them, are really volatile and giving great trades, I’ll continue trading for a time (called an Add-On Day) but then will also shorten the trading week accordingly.  If a trader can consistently make $300-$400 per position, then he/she can build-up an account and earn a very comfortable living.

What do you mean by “per position?”

A position means one (1) contract in Crude Oil or Gold and two (2) contracts in the E-Mini S&P, the E-Mini NASDAQ (NQ) and the EuroFX.

What size account do you recommend?

I don’t recommend any specific size account for anyone but, from my own experience, I have found that $5,000 is the safest minimum account size most successful people trade with; and, for a $5,000 account, I would personally trade a maximum 1-lot each for Crude Oil and Gold and, maybe 2-lots for the EuroFX and stock index trades.  Obviously, your chance of success is better having a $10,000 minimum account.

Here’s the more important part:  I know of some people (mostly brokers) who claim you can trade with only a $2,000 or $2,500 account, but the lowest day trading margins for currencies and stock indexes I know of are $400-$500 each and Crude Oil is currently $1,000.  So even using those, a trade in both one single currency and Crude Oil would be almost impossible with a $2,000 or $2,500 account . . . not to mention the serious psychological barriers such a short-funded trader would face.

What if I have a question while the session is ongoing?

You can type any question(s) into the chat program software and I will answer them during the session as long as there aren’t any trades in progress.  I also ask if there are any questions before we close each session.  And, you can always e-mail me or ask for a Skype chat after we’re done for the day.  I don’t mind questions at all.

Do you offer a free trial?

No.  Free trials were available for a time but turned into an administrative nightmare.  I found I could not speak as freely to the Members when non-members (some with their own Trading Rooms, LOL!) were there listening free and that isn’t fair to the Members.  Also, some wanted free trial after free trial.  So I’ve posted videos with actual LIVE! trades and most of my comments which means you can basically get a free trial by watching the videos at your leisure.  Also, to put folks’ minds at ease, I now guarantee I’ll call at least double your subscription cost (and we often do that in the first 2-3 days) or the next month is on me . . . and I’ve never had a month when that kicked-in.

Do you give refunds?

No.  Most will understand that since I give new Members my Money Management Rules at the beginning, as well as my support and resistance levels (which they can use during non Trading Room hours) and my thoughts on market structure and price action both as it’s happening and during the Pre-Market walk-through; and since I can’t get back that knowledge, it’s not fair to ask for a refund.  It’s like buying and wearing clothes to some fancy function and then, when they’ve been used, trying to return those clothes for a refund.

OK, fair enough, I’ve joined . . . What’s next?

First, I’ll have a Skype session or phone call to you before your first day to make sure you’re potentially a good fit for our group and to answer any specific questions you have.  Second, I’ll send you an e-mail with the direct link and password for GoToMeeting.  Third, I strongly recommend that you trade along in simulator mode only until you’ve heard at least a few days of the way I enter — and more importantly manage — trades.

You’ll get my money management rules immediately and some other “rules” I’ve developed over the years that could change your trading results all by themselves.  Profitable trades will be there tomorrow, the next day and the day(s) after that.  But trying to learn the way I call and manage trades, and worrying that you might misunderstand (or, worse, actually misunderstand) while trading real-money immediately can be very stressful and psychologically hurtful.

The folks who have trouble share one or more of these traits:  they show-up irregularly and at odd times; they try to take real-money trades their first day and get mad because they didn’t understand, panicked and lost money; they cherry-pick trades (taking this one but not the next, or not going to break-even, or moving their protective stop because they “just know” price will reverse); or they keep trading after we reach the Daily Profit Target and we stop — thinking it’s easy — and give back their profits or, worse, lose more; or they talk on the phone, leave their computers for a snack or coffee and miss trades.  The subconscious mind is sneaky and will find a way to self-sabotage if that’s what it believes is it’s job.  It knows when to get away from the computer — it sounds strange but it’s true!  I’ve seen it many times.  But we can talk more about that during my individual Skype Sessions or phone calls, if you’re interested, please ask.

The folks who do best are those that come, on time, every day; who trade until our regularly-scheduled breaks (once about every 30-miniutes); who watch and listen for a few days, or longer, trading on simulator only; who ask questions; who then concentrate on one market first with real-money, getting their feet wet (so to speak) and then adding a second market and a third, etc. and not trying or expecting to double their Account their first week.

Do you sell your system or offer one-on-one teaching?

My “system” is market structure and price action combined with volume.  And  I do offer one-on-one training to select Members — but only after they have been in the Trading Room for at least a couple of weeks so they can see how I trade and decide if it’s compatible with their personality.  It’s also so I can gauge whether I want to invest my time in teaching that person.

Over the years, I’ve created dozens and dozens of systems and I teach some of them (stand-alone systems that are mechanical but profitable) and if you join one-on-one, you’ll learn some of them; I have one-on-one private sessions that pay for the monthly cost by themselves; and also am available for up to an hour a week private Skype chats or phone calls to discuss the markets

I’ve long been an advocate of clearing-up the psychological issues that sabotage most folks first and see now that\’s become popular — but I’ve been doing it that way for years.  Mostly we will work on psychology at the beginning and then focus on understanding and trading price action alone.  I continue to work with private students for up to six (6) months, if necessary.

I’ve also decided to sell a couple of robust mechanical systems designed for either Crude Oil or the E-Mini S&P markets to select individuals — people I’m comfortable won’t just double their price and re-sell them on the Internet to anyone who wants to buy one.  They can be adapted to other markets — for example the EuroFX.  I spend time one-on-one to make sure you understand whichever you choose and can spot good trades — but do not go into price action trading or, more importantly, any psychology.  This is just buying a system.  But you can use it to obtain funding at one of the better-known programs and trade it month-after-month.

Beginning in 2018, I will also be available to help you successfully complete the funded trader performance test (try-out) — where you need to make a certain amount over at least 10-days and then follow-up a second time with a smaller profit objective . . . and then you’re funded with anywhere from a $10,000 account to a $150,000 account!

So join us . . . make some money trading (maybe for the first time ever) . . . and we\’ll talk about the next step of private tutoring, if you want to.

If you have any other question(s) not covered here on on the LIVE! Trading Room page, send me a comment and I’ll try to answer it here.

Last Update:  December 5, 2017