July 11-12, 2019 — Finished Another Great Week Day Trading In My LIVE! Trading Room

The Daily Profit Target (Again) Solidly Today!
A Good End To Another Great Week!

July 11-12, 2019 — We finished another great week day trading the Stock Indexes — E-Mini S&P (ES), Emini NASDAQ (NQ), E-Mini Russell (RTY) — and Crude Oil (CL) — in my LIVE! Trading Room.

Except for Wednesday, when FED Chairman Powell made his “surprise” remarks at a breakfast and shot the markets up-up-UP — after they had mysteriously churned up-up-UP the day before, without retracements — almost as if some insider banksters “knew” what he would say the next day (Nah!) . . . Monday-Tuesday-Thursday-Friday this week saw very little volume and either dead or whippy price action as the HFTs were in complete control and the Stock Indexes stayed plastered to near their all-time highs. I explained in the LIVE! Trading Room how and why this affects price action and what to expect going forward.

Time For Summer Scalps?

It’s that time of the Summer when we usually consider taking my “patented” Chartsky’s Summer Scalps.

Last year, for the first year, volatility remained high enough for us to continue pursuing regular trades and normal Profit Targets.

You can see from what we achieved this past week, volatility is still there — just coming in fits-and-spurts . . . so I’m not ready to give-up valuable ticks and so we’ll wait at least another week before considering Summer Scalps.

On to the specific days . . .

July 11th — The Daily Profit Target SOLIDLY Earned

July 11 — As usual, we were PATIENT and DISCIPLINED and that’s even more important when conditions are tougher and mistakes are harder to recover. Also, FED Chairman Powell was scheduled to “testify” before one of the countless Committees or Sub-Committees in the House of Representatives. I discussed how that works in the LIVE! Trading Room but you can sometimes see price spikes before, at the scheduled time of, or during these regularly scheduled appearances. Even though we were front-run by the HFTs in the E-Mini S&P (ES), we had the FULL Daily Profit Target in the E-Mini NASDAQ (NQ) right at the 9:30 Open but price whipped us out of an excellent Entry before turning to the Profit Target. That happens. So we kept going. We took a long break and came back and waited for market structure and price action to scream “SELL!” and we did in the ES. There was a companion trade available in the NASDAQ but not the same market structure so it wasn’t an official call.

July 12th — We Turned To Crude Oil For the FULL Daily Profit Target

July 12 — With the Stock Indexes pretty much dead and stuck in either WHIP or UGLY WHIP, we turned our attention to Crude Oil and caught a great Entry and sat through 4-5 candles of dead whip until price turned down fast-and-hard just like I told members of the LIVE! Trading Room to expect. It came right back but we had milked that one for a solid 20-ticks and the FULL Daily Profit Target.

I’ll make a video on my YouTube Channel of the July 12th Crude Oil (CL) day trade since it can help folks understand the need for PATIENCE with both their Entry and their Trade Management. Not much is said or written about patience as a part of trade management . . . although I’ve been talking about it for years. It’s very important though.

So, like I wrote, we were fortunate enough to see a good end to a great week and if your results on this past tough week weren’t as fortunate, you could be trading with us in my LIVE! Trading Room as soon as tomorrow!

July 3, 2019 — LIVE! Trading Room Enjoys Another Great Day Into The Holiday

Another FULL Daily Profit Target Morning — In Less Than 30-Minutes!

July 3 — This morning in my LIVE! Trading Room — ahead of tomorrow’s July 4th holiday — with the decreased holiday volume as traders start their holidays early — we still had a quick Top-Down Analysis and developed a solid Pre-Market Game Plan. We knew to look for day trading scalps and, although it took two tries, we grabbed the FULL Daily Profit Target from the HFTs in less than 30-minutes.

Knock-on-wood . . . that’s 3-days in-a-row of either the FULL Daily Profit Target or an Add-On Day! Add-up the last 3-days for yourself and it would have paid for MONTHS and MONTHS . . . and this is why my friends say I’m crazy to call day trades in the stock indexes (ES, NQ and RTY) plus Crude Oil (CL) for what I do!

But I enjoy it . . . and even though I don’t advertise, word leaks and spots fill-up fast . . . plus I may increase the cost since even at $500 a month these last 30-days ALONE would still pay for MONTHS of access! So you might want to stop watching and start trading . . . with us!

There’s not much else to say. It was simple and straight-forward and actually a little boring — which is what professional trading can be and should be. If YOUR results don’t match what my LIVE! Trading Room members got these last 3-days . . . you could be trading with us as soon as tomorrow! Well, tomorrow is a holiday so Friday.

I’ll post a video of today soon that addresses some important things we covered, like why we entered where we did and why we pretty-much KNEW price would run down and give us the 40-ticks and FULL Daily Profit Target we were looking for.

Have a happy and safe 4th of July!

July 2, 2019 — The Full Daily Profit Target . . . TWICE!

FULL Daily Profit Target . . . TWICE!

July 2 — Today the stock indexes (ES, NQ and RTY) were dead and whipping with no news due — and Crude Oil (CL) was going straight down — as we battled the high-frequency trading (HFT) computers in my LIVE! Trading Room.

They were especially difficult to trade using the small stops we employ — because of the whip.

To make matters worse, not everyone got in on the first trade because of the caution I urged, and so I kept going to try and sneak-out the Daily Profit Target for them too.

We were finally able to do that when market structure and price action both supported potential sells — which we took — and snatched the Daily Profit Target out of the NASDAQ before a 10:30 anemic move up.

I’ll post a video talking about how we trailed this particular trade soon.

July 1, 2019 — LIVE! Trading Room Is Off To A HOT Start!

July 1, 2019 — We ended June with some really nice days to cap-off a great month and it continued as we started July today in the LIVE! Trading Room.

Following hints of good news about the US-China trade disputes, the stock indexes (ES, YM, NQ) all spiked up sharply at the close on Friday. They gapped farther up when markets re-opened Sunday night.

In case you don’t know, we day trade some of the most volatile and profitable markets including those stock indexes: the E-Mini S&P (ES), the E-Mini NASDAQ (NQ), the E-Mini Russell (RTY) and Crude Oil (CL) in the LIVE! Trading Room.

Today was a little difficult because while the market structure supported price testing the highs, once they did we found there weren’t many buyers and price started declining. When the market structure and price action supported selling, we quickly transitioned to our Plan B and became sellers instead of buyers.

In doing so, we captured a FANTASTIC Add-On Day!

I’ll make a video showing the trades and explaining a little more how and why we switched to Plan B selling. Look for a link here soon. Until then, I’ll be posting daily screen captures from the LIVE! Trading Room.

2019 Can Be THE Year Things Change For You!

2019 is almost here.

As I write this we’re still in the last days of 2018, but what I’m about to suggest will apply whether it’s the first week, the second, the third, or even later.

Since I don’t advertise, and since I don’t have an Internet marketing person constantly promoting my LIVE! Trading Room, it’s not the first anyone ever finds.  Most have been to several (some even more) before they find me.

I’m told that almost all of those other trading rooms offer free trials and I guess you could spend months floating from one free trial to another and never get any closer to your trading goals.  In fact, it would surprise me if taking so many free trails didn’t have an adverse psychological effect!  It’s not the purpose or scope of this short post to explain why — but you have cash capital in your Trading Account and psychological capital (if you’re still lucky) between your ears.  Once you run out of psychological capital it’s just as hard to trade successfully as it would be trying to put on a trade without any margin available.

Before my Blog got nuked in the server fiasco of November 2016, I had some articles that discussed trading psychology.  Even though it’s now the flavor-of-the-month, we’ve been talking about its importance for YEARS.  I’ll try to re-write about some of those concepts in the coming months.

But if you’ve suffered a series of bad losses quickly — or small losses for a longer time — both your trading account capital and your psychological capital will have taken hits.  Maybe serious hits.

Someone with little to no psychological capital can be handed one of my mechanical systems that has an excellent winning percentage — and would still manage to self-sabotage and find ways to lose!

Similarly, someone with little to no psychological capital can take the signals I call — IN ADVANCE — and manage to get far different results. Their subconscious mind will find ways to self-sabotage. That’s just one reason I speak with each and every new member before their first day in my LIVE! Trading Room.

However, regardless of your past things CAN change for you!  Before you continue to nibble-away at your psychological capital . . . and jump from free trial to free trial . . . why not make the decision to try us for just a month?  There are no long-term commitments you have to make — there are no special indicators you have to lease — there are no systems you have to buy.  We’ll work to restore your psychological capital and try to help you make a few bucks (all while learning good habits).

We day trade some of the most profitable futures markets every morning in a LIVE! Trading Room:  The E-Mini NASDAQ (NQ), the E-Mini S&P (ES), Crude Oil (CL), Gold (GC) and the EuroFX.  We may soon add the Dow into our mix as well.

I’ve added videos to my YouTube Channel so you can have the benefit of a virtual “free trial” at your leisure — and one that will definitely not cost you an ounce of psychological capital to watch!

If you have any questions, you can find my direct e-mail address at the end of each video.


P.S. — And don’t worry, you can recover or add psychological capital in case you’re running low right now.  If you’re still willing to try, it’s not too late.

2018 — Year In Review


2018 was a fantastically volatile year!

Great volatility – and a fantastic year!

I remember sitting here a year ago and admitting that 2017 had been a disappointing year and also writing that when volatility returned (and we knew it would some day) things would look a lot better. Boy have they!

We began 2018 with a hard push up when President Trump’s corporate repatriation laws went into effect and corporations could bring back their $TRILLIONS stashed in oversea bank accounts – paying pennies on the dollar in taxes.

Those in the LIVE! Trading Room all knew the stock buy-backs would kick into higher gear and the markets would go up, up, UP – and they did. But January 2018 was more of a levitation than anything.

However, then February 2018 rolled around and that’s when the volatility really kicked in.

Hedge Funds tanked – enduring their worst month in years – and we had a couple of tough weeks (on me, as always) when I tried to re-tool what had worked for a long time for a guy who was desperate to pass a Trading Combine.

Here’s a good lesson: When you focus on, “Just don’t lose! Just don’t lose! Just don’t lose! I can’t afford any more losers!” Well, you’re focused on the wrong thing and you tend to lose . . . or you take too many break-even trades (to avoid losers) . . . and your whole trading expectancy is warped.

I fixed it fast and by the end of February 2018 things had changed.

But not for the Hedge Funds. More on them later . . .

Then we started on our streak . . . home run after home run for the Spring 2018.

The Summer months were a little different though.

The reason was the same: volatility.

For the first time ever I didn’t go to Summer Scalps because the volatility never decreased. Why take smaller Profit Targets when the bigger ones are still available?

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, September 2018 arrived . . .

If September was great, October was GREAT on steroids (the best month ever in the long history of my LIVE! Trading Room), November was also GREAT (plus) and as of December 18, 2018 we’ve had Add-On Days for almost every single day in the month of December (knock on wood – LOL!).

I wanted to write something short-and-sweet about how it is that the Hedge Funds have suffered so much in 2018 and we have done so fantastically? We’ve discussed this in the LIVE! Trading Room a number of times.

First, Hedge Funds don’t scalp like we do – instead employing Swing Trades and Position Trades.

This is absolutely NOT to suggest you can’t do equally great from Swing Trades. I’ve called some super Swing Trades in 2018 – again taking advantage of volatility for bigger Profit Targets. So this first reason isn’t really THE reason – but a contributing reason.

Second, their Big Money clients have much different objectives – mainly being: DON’T LOSE ANYTHING AT ALL! – like the poor guy from February 2018 – which is why I even discussed him at all – and so (to use a sports analogy) over-playing defense, they miss a lot of opportunities to score.

You know how the super-boring NFL teams and coaches play “not to lose” – and that’s what often happens when they play that way. Even if they win, it’s usually a squeaker. 13-12.

I prefer old Florida Coach Steve Spurrier’s style (and now new Florida Coach Dan Mullen’s style) . . . make ’em out-score you! I like 55-3!

Well, that’s the year we had in 2018!

Will it be the same, a little worse, or even better in 2019?

If it’s just the same, only a Greedy Guy could find reason to complain. If it’s a little worse, it’s still probably better than 99 out of 100 other trading rooms. And if it’s even better . . .

But I just don’t know.

The batteries in my crystal ball need replacing.

What I DO know is that you wound-up missing a whole year of being with us in my LIVE! Trading Room – where we aim for a Daily Profit Target of $300-$400 per position scalping some of the most volatile and potentially profitable markets and then take time off to enjoy what I have for years called the Day Trader’s Lifestyle. Our main markets are the E-Mini S&P (ES), the E-Mini NASDAQ (NQ), — starting in 2019 the E-Mini Russell (RTY) — and old stand-by Crude Oil (CL), Gold (GC) and the EuroFX (6E).

Watch some of the many videos on my YouTube Channel.

See if you could follow along with trades that are always called out in advance . . .

If you have any questions, my direct e-mail is given at the end of almost every video and certainly all made in the last 2-years.

So for the low, low price of a single losing trade, which you know you’ll probably still keep getting anyway, you could join us and take the first step towards being consistently profitable, building your trading account (instead of what’s been happening) and thinking about maybe learning from me One-On-One.

Remember, if you’re new or struggling, and if your results weren’t as fantastic in 2018 as what I called for members of my LIVE! Trading Room – you could be trading with us as soon as tomorrow!


* * * * *

P.S. – I’ve been calling trades in a LIVE! Trading Room now going into its 10th year!

It’s OK if you haven’t heard about me – because I don’t advertise like all the others. I also don’t want 100 200 300, or more, nameless faceless subscribers. There are a lot of ways I’m much different than all other trading rooms I know about (See the LIVE! Trading Room page).

But the point I started to make was that every year, at about this time, I question more and more whether I want to do it for another year – or even part of another year.

I mention somewhere in the FAQs (I think) you don’t want to show-up late to the LIVE! Trading Room only to find we’re done and taking the rest of the day off . . . and you also don’t want to delay and procrastinate joining us only to finally decide it’s time to stop cutting bait and fish . . . but the sign-up buttons are gone because I finally decided enough was enough.

Just a word of warning . . .

Regardless of your decision, I hope you and your family enjoy very Happy Holidays and a great year in 2019!


2018 Could Have Been The Year Things Changed For You!

2018 is underway finished.

As I write this, 2019 is about to begin.

Those who had the chance and missed 2018 — don’t worry — there will still be great trading days/weeks/months — but don’t let the same thing happen in 2019.

Look for an updated post suggesting how you can take advantage of the LIVE! Trading Room in 2019.


Knocked-Off The Internet Now Twice In A Year!

I Must Have Made Someone Mad!

But, seriously, if you’ve checked over the last week or so and found the Chartsky Blog gone, it was my fault this time.  Seems I forgot to pay the hosting bill.

My friend had handled that before December 2016 and I didn’t know it was important to distinguish between the spam and the notices mentioning suspension.  LOL!

But a little MasterCard took care of everything.

And I’ve uploaded a new video to show a few things: including the fact that we weren’t taking the end of 2017 off.


December 20, 2017:




2017 — Year End Review

There is a Chinese curse which says “May you live in interesting times.”

Like it or not, we live in interesting times with these markets which have gone from “more and more” to now completely dominated by HFT (high frequency trading) computers.

So we’ve adjusted our trading.

But you always have to adjust your trading since what I did in 1999 no longer worked in 2009 (actually a lot sooner than 2009) and what I adapted to in 2009 no longer works today — and hasn’t for several years.  You always have to adjust to the markets — which are never wrong.

January — March:

2017 began with this Blog being knocked off-line since the end of November 2016 — unknown to me.  Apparently my friend, who was hosting, threw a huge temper tantrum when President Trump was elected and responded by just shutting down her servers.  Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face (and mine too!) . . .  I finally got it back on-line at the end of February.

But trading was good to very good the first quarter — as it usually is.

April — June:

April trading was fantastic!

Then April ended and May began.  Like a switch got flipped, volume and volatility dropped to near zero!  What had been working so well for all of 2017 to date, just stopped.  Suddenly.  We were getting BE after BE.  Markets weren’t moving.  The number of trades that actually got to the Profit Target went down, down, down!  But because we manage risk the way we do, we were still profitable on trades called in the LIVE! Trading Room.

That’s a big deal — and one we experienced through the rest of 2017:  When major Hedge Funds were closing their doors right and left, when (since 2015) there had been record withdrawals from almost all managed funds — that is people demanding their money back, or what was left of it — when financial bloggers and market experts were tearing their hair out in despair — through all of that carnage, we still managed to make money for Members of the LIVE! Trading Room  . . . just not as much as we would have liked.

Some didn’t understand.  One got angry.  Surely a real trader could turn on his computer and have money pour-out any time . . . Thankfully, we have those folks to take the other side of our trades — until their accounts are gone.

July — September:

The record low volume continued and the difficult conditions likewise also continued.  In fact, conditions were getting steadily worse as the Stock Indexes made new ALL-TIME high after high after high — which were WEAK highs on almost no volume.

Central Banksters had completely captured all major markets across the world through their day-after-day hitting CTRL+P and creating more and more imaginary money which was given to their corporate buddies (or used by the banksters themselves) to buy-buy-BUY equities on every dip!  The Indexes were glued to ALL-TIME highs.  They couldn’t go up by any significant degree and were not allowed to come down.

And VIX (the Chicago Board Options Exchange — CBOE — Volatility Index) stayed glued to abnormal and historic lows!

In short, the markets were dead.

“As one measure of volatility, the Dow Jones Industrial Average traded in its tightest trading range since 1900 this year.”

That’s a record 117-YEAR tight range!

Here’s what Bank of America derivatives expert Benjamin Bowler recently wrote:

While asset valuations are not at life-extremes, volatility is.

In 2017 the Dow traded in a 110yr record tight trading range, the VIX hit all-time lows, and US equities reversed from sell-offs at near their fastest pace in 90 yrs.  Investors no longer fear risk but love it, as it’s another opportunity to harvest “dip-alpha”.  Volatility across asset classes has decoupled from uncertainty.  Even if seemingly irrational, apathy to all risk has been the right trade and an impossible trend for most to fight – the definition of a bubble.   [Underlining added].

We tried everything I could think of — and strangely continued to see much more success in the Pre-Market Session . . . but once the HFT computers were fully turned on, it was like a shroud of death covered the markets.

Gold futures have been blatantly manipulated for years.  Now it was the various currencies, in addition to the Stock Indexes, which got jobbed.  They stayed in small, whippy ranges — until the HFT computers spiked them (up or down — trend didn’t seem to matter) after which they went right back into a small, whippy range waiting for the next spike.  Often there was simply a big order to fill (a large amount of, say, Euros that someone needed converted into Dollars) and that spiked price only to then spike right back.

So we made due with smaller profits in the LIVE! Trading Room and  looked forward to October — historically the single most volatile month year-after-year-after-year!

October — December:

Finally October arrived!  YEA!

But the historical volatility never did.

The trading world waited through that first week . . . through that second week . . . through that third week . . . and it became more and more apparent that the “historic” volatility was not coming at all.

In fact, October 2017 made a record as the LEAST volatile October ever!  It was also the lowest volatility month of 2017 thus far.  Amazing!

Now please think about that:  Not only was October not the most volatile month of 2017 — as it historically always was — it was the LOWEST volatility month in the lowest volatility year!  “What’s going on?” we asked over and over.  Just like every other trader in the trading world . . .

What started in May continued into October, then November and finally into December.

We still had respectable results in the LIVE! Trading Room — but nothing like years past!

However, some days the best you can do is not lose.

Some years the best some traders can do is to stay in business — tread water and keep their heads above — not blow-out their Trading Accounts, or inflict so much damage they’re handcuffed going forward.

I’ve read over and over that 95% of all traders fail.  It sounds and feels about right.  That leaves 5%.  Out of that 5% — about 3% manage to tread water — they become and remain break-even traders.  They don’t really make anything but also don’t really lose.  It takes a little help (or a LOT of hours and study in front of the screens) to join the 2%.

But I’m not talking about that Permanent 3%.  I’m talking about professional traders already in the Top 2% who have a few excellent years and then a very tough one.  It’s that very tough one that determines if they’re still around the next year.  The worst thing you can do is get more aggressive to “make back” what was lost or missed out on.  We do the exact opposite: cut-back and wait.

I’m explaining this because that doesn’t please some who want action — who demand an Add-On Day every single day and every single week — who demand that they get handed the Daily Profit Target in every market every day and especially the one that person has decided to trade that particular day — and who fully expect to be made a millionaire by next week with a $2,500 Trading Account.  I’m talking about you MICHAEL!

I’d like to report that this year was even better than last year — which I can usually report.  But I can’t.  Not this year.  During what was a blow-out year — during what was a year that saw the best and brightest $Billion+ money managers closing their doors because of 3-years of bad performance — we still managed to make money for Members of the LIVE! Trading Room.  Just not as much as we would have liked.  January through April provided the majority of our great trades and the majority of our Add-On Weeks.  In fact, I’m pretty sure we could have walked away at the end of April and spent 8-months or so playing golf around the world and probably have enjoyed 2017 more.  LOL!

Just watch the videos I posted from the end of November into the beginning of December.  See the unusual number of losing trades and BEs?  The theme for that video series was PATIENCE and DISCIPLINE.  It’s always important but much more so in times like we’ve had in 2017.

They can be found here:

December 5, 2017
December 4, 2017
November 30, 2017
November 29, 2017
November 27, 2017

But that’s professional trading.

You never know what day will be a tremendous day — so you show-up and work through the tougher days.

You have to weather these storms — like the second half of 2017 — to be around for 2018 (hopefully) when volume and volatility returns.

We can already see it with the newest market we’ve added:  NQ — the E-Mini NASDAQ.  That market is (right now, in December 2017) violently, hysterically whippy . . . but volatile!  I’ll have it tamed in 2018!

2018 Plans:

What are the plans for 2018?

Well, I’m an optimist and I don’t believe the record low volume and volatility can continue forever.  It’s like that real picture I sometimes show in the LIVE! Trading Room of SEVEN (7) straight 19s coming-up on a roulette wheel – and an even more amazing 12-out-of-15 being a 19 or 20!  Clearly that roulette wheel was broken and just as clearly to me the markets are now broken.

But they won’t stay broken!

There’s simply too much money at stake.

So . . . We will continue to take fewer, more selective, trades.

We will continue looking for smaller, tighter Profit Targets until volatility improves.

We will continue taking smaller losses in the LIVE! Trading Room, when possible — which is most of the time — so that a single profitable trade can erase multiple small losses.

We may begin taking more intra-day swing trades — trades that have bigger Profit Targets but also take longer to work.  The only problem with this, and why I didn’t start in 2017, is they are often not completed by 11:30 a.m. when we stop the Morning Session.  But that’s still a distinct possibility.

We also may start trading during the more reliable Pre-Market Session.  But I like to save that Session and the Afternoon Sessions for One-On-One.

We will probably start what I’ve been thinking about for most of 2017: Teaching/Helping those who are interested successfully pass the test to become a funded trader at one of the several reputable funded trader programs.  But I still have to work-out the logistics.


We had a very challenging but overall survivable 2017.

Markets are the most difficult that I’ve seen since I began this full-time in 1999 — and worse than any those who have been trading longer have seen since 1992.  But all things change!

We have (so far — knock on wood!) weathered the 2017 Storm and are still here, every day as scheduled, doing our best.  Our best in 2017 has been to enjoy success — just not as much as we would have liked.

We have definite and realistic plans for 2018.

I hope your 2017 was at least manageable.



P.S. — If you have comments or questions, please leave them in the comment section below.


Crude Oil: Rig Counts Up . . . Up . . . UP!

For months now I’ve been telling Members about the steadily increasing rig counts here in the U.S. while Canada has seen both increases and some decreases.  This is very important as it relates to fundamentals of the Crude Oil futures market — one of our favorite and most reliable markets.

Ever since last November, the rig counts here in the United States have been going up . . . up . . . UP!  The trend in Canada — though not as strong — has also been a general increase of producing rigs.

This operates to generally increase supply and, therefore, work to keep prices from exploding because of the latest O.P.E.C. price manipulations in their artificial production cut-backs.

It’s also very good policy as the more energy-independent a country can be, the less necessary it is to intervene half-way across the world in conflicts that country really has no business in becoming entangled — other than oil.

So I’ll “officially” update this space frequently so you can keep track of just how much the rig count is increasing.

Update: April 21, 2017:

U.S. +10 to 857 — Canada -19 to 99


DateU.S. WeeklyTotal -- U.S.Canada WeeklyTotal -- Canada
April 21, 2017+10857-1999
April 13, 2017+8847-14118
April 7, 2017+15839-23132
March 31, 2017+15824-30155
March 24, 2017+20809-91185
March 17, 2017+21789-39276
March 10, 2017+12769-20315
March 3, 2017+2756-6335
February 24, 2017+3754+10341


And we’ll cover some more specifics . . . such as the reason Canadian rigs have been going down for the last few weeks.  Hint:  It’s mostly due to seasonal adjustments, as far as I understand.

Now there’s no replacement for technical analysis in my opinion.  But if I know the fundamentals favor over-supply and, thus, cheaper oil, it may tilt the chart just a little so moves down are easier to milk for larger profit targets.

For example, this week alone (April 17-21, 2017) we saw multi-DOLLAR down days following the Crude Oil Report and a Friday sell-off.  At one point today (4/21), Crude Oil was down over 6% from the start of the week.  Just saying . . .