July 8-10, 2019 LIVE! Trading Room Continues Day Trading Stock Indexes With Success!

Daily Profit Target PLUS! and Finished In Less Than 10-Minutes
FULL Daily Profit Target Again QUICKLY!
Daily Profit Target PLUS! Today

OK . . . I’m back from the golf course and sure enough — as soon as I missed a day posting charts of what and how we day traded in my LIVE! Trading Room, someone sent an e-mail asking for them!

It’s NOT my intention to post charts every day — although if it’s helpful, I’ll certainly be happy to consider it. I do appreciate the e-mail request!

What I don’t want though is for folks to start using the charts as a guarantee of what they will get if they join us in the LIVE! Trading Room. Why? Because trading is cyclical and past results are no guarantee of future results. With that warning, I’ve been doing this for long enough that what we accomplish in the LIVE! Trading Room is certainly not lucky . . . but I can best explain by telling you about a guy (about a year ago) who watched just 2-3 of the videos on my YouTube Channel and saw they were Add-On Days (those were the ones he picked) and he signed-up and immediately got angry when I didn’t stay every morning to call an Add-On Day just for him!

We may get 2-3-4-5 days straight of difficult price action (or non-action) and walk away empty-handed. Listen, almost ALL of 2017 was tough. Then 2018 got volatile and more than made up for 2017! Price may start spiking counter-trend and we walk away with a losing day (which, knock-on-wood, we haven’t had for some time) — or we might keep plugging-along and getting the Daily Profit Target or the Daily Profit Target PLUS! or Add-On Days in these nicely volatile markets.

July 8th — Daily Profit Target PLUS! In Less Than 10-Minutes:

Anyway, on July 8th — everything we saw in the Top-Down Analysis was telling us the markets wanted to go farther down and our Game Plan was to be sellers. We tried selling up near the yellow S-R Level in the E-Mini NASDAQ (NQ) and correspondingly higher in the E-Mini S&P (ES), and when we saw that wasn’t going to happen, we caught the E-Mini NASDAQ (NQ) and the E-Mini S&P (ES) right after the 9:30 Open, as they started down harder than anticipated . . and we got nice winners in both markets for the Daily Profit Target PLUS! or maybe even a small Add-On Day.

July 9th — Daily Profit Target Trading the Other Way:

On July 9th — we had a two-part Game Plan but when the Stock Indexes opened so strongly, we bought a break of the green S-R Level in the E-Mini NASDAQ (NQ) and grabbed the FULL Daily Profit Target quickly — before price started chopping or whipping. We couldn’t get a fill in the E-Mini S&P and, since I don’t like to “chase” price, we just let that one go. It was kinda’ strange though, WHY they would suddenly and without any breaking news, be so strong at the 9:30 Open . . . but we try to trade what we see. We could have stopped in less than 10-minutes but hung around to see if the markets would give us opportunities for an Add-On Day. When it didn’t, we stopped.

July 10th — Daily Profit Target PLUS! and Just Missed An Add-On Day:

Today — on July 10th — we were buyers from the 9:30 Open because FED Chairman Powell made some ultra-dovish remarks at a breakfast meeting well before the 9:30 Open and the Stock Indexes shot up. At least we now know why they churned up-up-UP yesterday . . . almost as if Goldman-Sachs and J.P. Morgan and Wells Fargo and what’s left of DeutschBank all “knew” what he would say the next day. But . . . nah! Of course, we know they don’t get “insider” information and they’re just so dang good they somehow else “knew” the markets would go up the next day and so bought-bought-BOUGHT on Tuesday without allowing a single retracement (and then even piling-on into the Close). We don’t need to get those memos . . . we read market structure and price action and try to take it from there. [NOTE: But if you want to send me the memos, I’ll read ’em!]. After they topped-out, you could only take counter-trend sells on a strong up-day or wait for the expected deep retracement (which I told Members about) — but which would have kept you off the golf course. LOL!

I don’t see how these days would add anything to the YouTube Channel so I don’t plan on any videos. Besides, I’ve already got too many lined-up to finish! However, if you have more questions, don’t hesitate to send them to me at my gmail.com address which is: ChartskyTrades. [I write it that way to confuse those hateful e-mail scraping spam bots].

. . . and if your results on Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday weren’t as fortunate, you could be trading with us in the LIVE! Trading Room as soon as tomorrow!

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