July 3, 2019 — LIVE! Trading Room Enjoys Another Great Day Into The Holiday

Another FULL Daily Profit Target Morning — In Less Than 30-Minutes!

July 3 — This morning in my LIVE! Trading Room — ahead of tomorrow’s July 4th holiday — with the decreased holiday volume as traders start their holidays early — we still had a quick Top-Down Analysis and developed a solid Pre-Market Game Plan. We knew to look for day trading scalps and, although it took two tries, we grabbed the FULL Daily Profit Target from the HFTs in less than 30-minutes.

Knock-on-wood . . . that’s 3-days in-a-row of either the FULL Daily Profit Target or an Add-On Day! Add-up the last 3-days for yourself and it would have paid for MONTHS and MONTHS . . . and this is why my friends say I’m crazy to call day trades in the stock indexes (ES, NQ and RTY) plus Crude Oil (CL) for what I do!

But I enjoy it . . . and even though I don’t advertise, word leaks and spots fill-up fast . . . plus I may increase the cost since even at $500 a month these last 30-days ALONE would still pay for MONTHS of access! So you might want to stop watching and start trading . . . with us!

There’s not much else to say. It was simple and straight-forward and actually a little boring — which is what professional trading can be and should be. If YOUR results don’t match what my LIVE! Trading Room members got these last 3-days . . . you could be trading with us as soon as tomorrow! Well, tomorrow is a holiday so Friday.

I’ll post a video of today soon that addresses some important things we covered, like why we entered where we did and why we pretty-much KNEW price would run down and give us the 40-ticks and FULL Daily Profit Target we were looking for.

Have a happy and safe 4th of July!

2 Replies to “July 3, 2019 — LIVE! Trading Room Enjoys Another Great Day Into The Holiday”

  1. questions:
    1. how often do you trade late? I’m 6 hours ahead.
    2. do you ever trade earlier?
    3. would you consider the DAX?

    1. Hi Gunter!

      Thanks for your questions!

      By late, I’m guessing you mean an Afternoon Session? If so, then we haven’t traded in the Afternoon but probably 2-3 times in the last 6-weeks or so.

      I try to reserve Pre-Market for one-on-one students. I would consider day trading the European Session if there is enough interest — but that would have to be considered a separate Session.

      I would add the FDAX, and have traded it (but not for several years). It moves very well but the tick value scares most newer and under-funded traders away. If we had a European Session I would most likely include the FDAX as a main market.

      I hope this all answers your questions. If not, you can find my direct e-mail address at the end of all my YouTube videos.

      Best Regards,

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