July 2, 2019 — The Full Daily Profit Target . . . TWICE!

FULL Daily Profit Target . . . TWICE!

July 2 — Today the stock indexes (ES, NQ and RTY) were dead and whipping with no news due — and Crude Oil (CL) was going straight down — as we battled the high-frequency trading (HFT) computers in my LIVE! Trading Room.

They were especially difficult to trade using the small stops we employ — because of the whip.

To make matters worse, not everyone got in on the first trade because of the caution I urged, and so I kept going to try and sneak-out the Daily Profit Target for them too.

We were finally able to do that when market structure and price action both supported potential sells — which we took — and snatched the Daily Profit Target out of the NASDAQ before a 10:30 anemic move up.

I’ll post a video talking about how we trailed this particular trade soon.

2 Replies to “July 2, 2019 — The Full Daily Profit Target . . . TWICE!”

    1. Hi again David!

      I always call EXACT levels for Entry IN ADVANCE. You also know how many ticks we’re looking for (Profit Targets) and if that changes, I always talk about it, and usually why, well in advance too.

      I’ve found that people with much less experience than you have can easily follow-along.

      The only thing you really need to decide is whether a particular trade fits the Written Trading Plan I would have helped you establish. I offer all members of my LIVE! Trading Room the chance to develop and update their personal Trading Plans.

      Best Regards,

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