2018 — Year In Review


2018 was a fantastically volatile year!

Great volatility – and a fantastic year!

I remember sitting here a year ago and admitting that 2017 had been a disappointing year and also writing that when volatility returned (and we knew it would some day) things would look a lot better. Boy have they!

We began 2018 with a hard push up when President Trump’s corporate repatriation laws went into effect and corporations could bring back their $TRILLIONS stashed in oversea bank accounts – paying pennies on the dollar in taxes.

Those in the LIVE! Trading Room all knew the stock buy-backs would kick into higher gear and the markets would go up, up, UP – and they did. But January 2018 was more of a levitation than anything.

However, then February 2018 rolled around and that’s when the volatility really kicked in.

Hedge Funds tanked – enduring their worst month in years – and we had a couple of tough weeks (on me, as always) when I tried to re-tool what had worked for a long time for a guy who was desperate to pass a Trading Combine.

Here’s a good lesson: When you focus on, “Just don’t lose! Just don’t lose! Just don’t lose! I can’t afford any more losers!” Well, you’re focused on the wrong thing and you tend to lose . . . or you take too many break-even trades (to avoid losers) . . . and your whole trading expectancy is warped.

I fixed it fast and by the end of February 2018 things had changed.

But not for the Hedge Funds. More on them later . . .

Then we started on our streak . . . home run after home run for the Spring 2018.

The Summer months were a little different though.

The reason was the same: volatility.

For the first time ever I didn’t go to Summer Scalps because the volatility never decreased. Why take smaller Profit Targets when the bigger ones are still available?

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, September 2018 arrived . . .

If September was great, October was GREAT on steroids (the best month ever in the long history of my LIVE! Trading Room), November was also GREAT (plus) and as of December 18, 2018 we’ve had Add-On Days for almost every single day in the month of December (knock on wood – LOL!).

I wanted to write something short-and-sweet about how it is that the Hedge Funds have suffered so much in 2018 and we have done so fantastically? We’ve discussed this in the LIVE! Trading Room a number of times.

First, Hedge Funds don’t scalp like we do – instead employing Swing Trades and Position Trades.

This is absolutely NOT to suggest you can’t do equally great from Swing Trades. I’ve called some super Swing Trades in 2018 – again taking advantage of volatility for bigger Profit Targets. So this first reason isn’t really THE reason – but a contributing reason.

Second, their Big Money clients have much different objectives – mainly being: DON’T LOSE ANYTHING AT ALL! – like the poor guy from February 2018 – which is why I even discussed him at all – and so (to use a sports analogy) over-playing defense, they miss a lot of opportunities to score.

You know how the super-boring NFL teams and coaches play “not to lose” – and that’s what often happens when they play that way. Even if they win, it’s usually a squeaker. 13-12.

I prefer old Florida Coach Steve Spurrier’s style (and now new Florida Coach Dan Mullen’s style) . . . make ’em out-score you! I like 55-3!

Well, that’s the year we had in 2018!

Will it be the same, a little worse, or even better in 2019?

If it’s just the same, only a Greedy Guy could find reason to complain. If it’s a little worse, it’s still probably better than 99 out of 100 other trading rooms. And if it’s even better . . .

But I just don’t know.

The batteries in my crystal ball need replacing.

What I DO know is that you wound-up missing a whole year of being with us in my LIVE! Trading Room – where we aim for a Daily Profit Target of $300-$400 per position scalping some of the most volatile and potentially profitable markets and then take time off to enjoy what I have for years called the Day Trader’s Lifestyle. Our main markets are the E-Mini S&P (ES), the E-Mini NASDAQ (NQ), — starting in 2019 the E-Mini Russell (RTY) — and old stand-by Crude Oil (CL), Gold (GC) and the EuroFX (6E).

Watch some of the many videos on my YouTube Channel.

See if you could follow along with trades that are always called out in advance . . .

If you have any questions, my direct e-mail is given at the end of almost every video and certainly all made in the last 2-years.

So for the low, low price of a single losing trade, which you know you’ll probably still keep getting anyway, you could join us and take the first step towards being consistently profitable, building your trading account (instead of what’s been happening) and thinking about maybe learning from me One-On-One.

Remember, if you’re new or struggling, and if your results weren’t as fantastic in 2018 as what I called for members of my LIVE! Trading Room – you could be trading with us as soon as tomorrow!


* * * * *

P.S. – I’ve been calling trades in a LIVE! Trading Room now going into its 10th year!

It’s OK if you haven’t heard about me – because I don’t advertise like all the others. I also don’t want 100 200 300, or more, nameless faceless subscribers. There are a lot of ways I’m much different than all other trading rooms I know about (See the LIVE! Trading Room page).

But the point I started to make was that every year, at about this time, I question more and more whether I want to do it for another year – or even part of another year.

I mention somewhere in the FAQs (I think) you don’t want to show-up late to the LIVE! Trading Room only to find we’re done and taking the rest of the day off . . . and you also don’t want to delay and procrastinate joining us only to finally decide it’s time to stop cutting bait and fish . . . but the sign-up buttons are gone because I finally decided enough was enough.

Just a word of warning . . .

Regardless of your decision, I hope you and your family enjoy very Happy Holidays and a great year in 2019!


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