2018 Could Have Been The Year Things Changed For You!

2018 is underway finished.

As I write this, 2019 is about to begin.

Those who had the chance and missed 2018 — don’t worry — there will still be great trading days/weeks/months — but don’t let the same thing happen in 2019.

Look for an updated post suggesting how you can take advantage of the LIVE! Trading Room in 2019.


4 Replies to “2018 Could Have Been The Year Things Changed For You!”

  1. Hello Chartsky
    I came across your interesting website during a search for a better chat room now that I feel ready to move from a simulator to live trading.
    There are two main questions I would like to ask you.
    1. Could I use IB Brokers as my trading platform while using your system? I have recently funded an account with them.
    2. Are you trading options on the markets you trade? And do you use any hedging or solely naked calls and puts? If the latter, am I correct in thinking this is possible because you are day trading and do not hold any position more that a few hours at most?
    Thank you for taking the time to read and respond to my queries.

    1. Hi Hilary!

      Thanks for your questions. I’m glad you found us!

      I’m also sending this to your e-mail since I don’t know when you might see my response.

      Yes, you can use IB or any other Broker who provides access to the C.M.E. I’ve used IB in the past myself.

      I don’t use options as a part of the trades in the LIVE! Trading Room. We are trading futures through the C.M.E. You are right, we don’t hold the positions for long — very rarely for hours — most of the time our Profit Targets are hit within a few minutes.

      Best Regards,

  2. How long does it take to turn someone around? I been trading for almost ten years and cannot find anyone who calls exact trades in advance like you do! You talk about trading psychology . . . is it even possible for me to make money after so long?

    1. Hi Tilly!

      Thanks for your comment!

      First, I try very hard to be different than most others who operate trading rooms. Maybe that’s why we’ve been around for as long as we have! So, I take your comment as a compliment. Thanks!

      Second, it’s usually never too late to turn your trading around — but it gets harder and harder to do it alone. I’ve just posted some new YouTube videos. Why not watch them and ask whether you could have placed the Entry orders, the Stops and Profit Targets, moved the stops to break-even and cleared extra orders? If so, you can trade right along with us.

      Success breeds success and once you see that it IS possible for you to make money trading, some of the psychological baggage will get easier to manage.

      We can work on the rest.

      Best Regards,

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