Here’s What We Do

Day Trading Crude Oil & Other Markets . . .

We’re now well into our 8th year (Yea!) day trading Crude Oil, the E-Mini S&P, Gold, and the EuroFX, where we shoot for $300 to $400 a day, per position, in a LIVE! Trading Room — sometimes more — and (hopefully) help others reach their goals of financial independence and security.

Trading is a lifestyle choice.

But it took awhile to get here.  I started trading stocks in the 1980s and diversified into commodity futures for the first time in 1993.  Because of a bad experience with someone who “managed” my account, I started learning everything I could about swing trading . . . so I could do it for myself.  And, yep, I used to have to call orders in to my Broker by phone before you could just click a mouse and be filled a second later.

Anyway, then the day trading bug bit and since late-1999, I’ve been a full-time day trader and continuing student of the markets.

I don’t think you ever stop learning since the markets are constantly changing.

And I’m still amazed at how precisely you can often enter these modern computer-driven markets . . . sometimes to-the-tick!

So . . . what can trading do for you?  Well, it’s the perfect “job” — either a new career or a steady second income.  And that’s sometimes critical in the current economy!   You can work the hours (or even days) you choose — and do it from anywhere in the world with reliable broadband Internet.   It can quickly build (or re-build) your retirement or your kids’ college savings accounts.  It can get you out from under crushing debt.  And it’s fun!

You might ask, how did I come to call trades in a LIVE! Trading Room?  Well, I was asked by a couple of friends to step-in and host their newborn trading room over 8-years ago — at first, only for a few weeks — but I enjoyed it so much that when they quit, I kept going, and the rest is history!  It’s still hard to believe the LIVE! Trading Room is older than my granddaughter . . .

Members of the LIVE! Trading Room are an intentionally small group of struggling and newer traders.  If that’s you — I’m glad you found us — and I hope you’ll join in!



Some Recent Days

January 2017 was a great month!

February 2017 has also been a great month so far . . .

Last week (February 13th) we started trading an old mechanical system I thought of with the markets moving the way they are.  It still works!  Results have been nice as shown by these charts:

Even on a short day (a Bank Holiday — President’s Day) we did OK:

And remember, there are some other charts on the LIVE! Trading Room page where you could join us tomorrow!

Some Recent Videos

OK, as I promised, let’s start adding some new videos, starting with a great Add-On Day February 24, 2017:

There are quite a few videos on my YouTube Channel.

More Coming Here Soon . . .


More Coming Soon . . .

Hint:  The biggest are NinjaTrader 7.0 and NinjaTrader 8.0, the great Ninja Brokerage and Kinetick Data.