LIVE! Trading Room — How I Can Help Your Trading In 2019

Day Trading Crude Oil & Other Markets . . .

My LIVE! Trading Room is now into its 10th year (Yea!) where we day trade Crude Oil, the E-Mini S&P, the E-Mini NASDAQ — starting in 2019 the E-Mini Russell (RTY) —  and old stand by Gold, and the EuroFX . . . where we shoot for $300 to $400 a day, per position — sometimes more — and (hopefully) help others reach their goals of financial independence and security.

Trading is a lifestyle choice.

I’ll explain more about that in a minute.

But first, ask yourself whether you met or exceeded your personal trading goals in 2018?  If you met or exceeded reasonable goals — if you’re a Top 3% trader — then you probably wouldn’t be online looking for someone like me that can help you do it!

Second, let me say it took awhile to get here.  I started trading stocks in the 1980s and diversified into commodity futures for the first time in 1993.  Because of a bad experience with someone who “managed” my account, I started learning everything I could about swing trading . . . so I could do it for myself.  And, yep, I used to have to call orders in to my Broker by phone for years and could only get live intra-day data by satellite feed.  Now I can just click a mouse and be filled a second later (or less).

Anyway, while learning about swing trading, the day trading bug bit and since late-1999, I’ve been a full-time day trader and continuing student of the markets.

I don’t think you ever stop learning since the markets are constantly changing.

And I’m still amazed at how precisely you can often enter these modern HFT computer-dominated markets . . . sometimes to-the-tick!

For those who are brand new — or are just considering day trading for the first time  . . . you might be wondering what can day trading do for you?  Well, I think it’s the perfect “job” — either a new career or to provide a steady second income.  That’s sometimes critical in the current economy!   You can work the hours (or even days) you choose — and do it from anywhere in the world with reliable broadband Internet.   It can quickly build (or re-build) your retirement or your kids’ college savings accounts.  It can get you out from under crushing debt.

And . . . when you’re profitable, it’s fun!  Can you imagine going to a casino and finding a boken slot machine that keeps pouring coins into your lap?  That’s what it can feel like — when things are hitting on all cylinders!  Day trading also provides many other kinds of freedoms — beyond financial freedom — that are unavailable from a “normal” job and so it’s a lifestyle choice.

You might also wonder, how did I come to call trades in a LIVE! Trading Room?  Well, I was asked by a couple of friends to step-in and host their newborn trading room 10-years ago — at first, only for a few weeks — but I enjoyed it so much that when they quit, I kept going, and the rest is history!  It’s still hard to believe the LIVE! Trading Room is almost older than my granddaughter . . .

Members of the LIVE! Trading Room are an intentionally small group of mostly struggling and newer traders.  If that’s you — new or struggling — then I’m glad you found us and I hope you’ll join in!



Some Recent Days

The markets have (finally!) seen increased volatility in 2018 and that has meant much better days for us!

Please understand that I try very hard to be different and so I don’t create and publish videos every day/week we enjoy success.  I only make them when I think there’s something that will help new or struggling traders.  However, here are some days in December I put together as a special Holiday Trading Series as a gift for those who watch my YouTube Channel:

December 6, 2018 — Great Examples Using Market Volatility:



December 10, 2018 — How To Follow A Great Day:



December 11, 2018 — When & How To Trail A Winning Trade:



December 12-13, 2018 — First Roll-Over Day In ES & NQ:



December 17, 2018 — What To Do About Price Reversals:



Finally, December 18, 2018 — A Little About Trading Psychology:



And remember, if your results haven’t been as good as you hoped for in 2018, go to the LIVE! Trading Room page where you could join us as soon as tomorrow!



Where Are All Your Other Videos?

First, make sure you’ve seen the section just above this: Some Recent Days

Second, since I no longer offer free trials (and you can read why on my FAQs Page), I decided to answer a lot of questions and concerns folks were having because this blog got completely nuked from the Internet in December 2016. Had I retired?  Had I run-away to the Caribbean again with a much younger woman?  Had I gone insane raising my grandchildren?

No, sadly no, and no.  The blog just got deleted when my friend abandoned her server in a temper tantrum following President Trump’s victory in November 2016.

I didn’t know about it until the e-mails came in late-2016 and early-2017.

It has only been back since February 2017 — re-built from scratch — and all prior content, charts, videos, posts, etc. from before then are seemingly gone forever.

But it’s not the end of the world.

Videos from years before 2017 can still be found on my YouTube Channel — where I’ll be adding more soon — and videos from 2017 forward are collected on my Recent Charts & Video page of this Chartsky Blog.

Believe it or not, it’s the same thing week after week, month after month. The results may not always be the same, but they tend to average-out nicely.

For example, historically, when we struggle for a day or two, we tend to have an Add-On Day or two.  The seeds of a tough week or two produce the harvest of an Add-On Week.

So watching the recent videos is much the same thing as an extended free trial — and you can enjoy them at your leisure.

We try very hard to do things differently so why not join us in the LIVE! Trading Room and take a big step towards your trading goals . . .




Coming Soon . . .